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Shopify Plus Review

Shopify plus is an easy to use and affordable enterprise e-commerce platform. It has a fixed price of 2,000 dollars per month. With this, you will not pay for extra costs. The amount covers the licensing and support fees. Shopify plus is a hosted platform. Hence, you will avoid hosting and server worries. You will only pick a plan with your platform based on the size and activities of your store.

 Also, with this hosted platform you will avoid insecurity cases in your business. The more online companies are growing, the more hackers are evolving. With this, you need to ensure maximum security in your site. To achieve this, you need to give Shopify plus a priority. Here are 5 essential features of Shopify plus:


Security is the crucial element of the Shopify plus. This enterprise e-commerce platform is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). With this, you will assure your customers of security during the payment process.

Integrated payments gateways

Another crucial feature of Shopify plus is integrated payment. As you know, successful companies must make payments. With this, you need to provide more options for the customers to choose from. With Shopify plus, you will offer over 100 payment gateways. Some of them are PayPal, Amazon payment, Authorized.Net, 2Checkout, and First Data.

64 responsive themes

Shopify plus has 64 beautify responsive themes which are customizable to enable you to create a unique site quickly. As you know, uniqueness can differentiate you from your competitors. These responsive themes will allow customers to navigate quickly through your site by using their mobile device. In this era, the mobile device is gaining popularity. Due to this, more customers are using it to search for the best deals online.

Multi-channel capability

Listing your products to multichannel is one way to create brand awareness. Shopify plus will allow you to sell your products to over 20 channels. Millions of customers visit marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Facebook to look for the best products. In this way, you can reach a massive number of customers and increase sales.


Every entrepreneur’s goal of starting an online business is to expand. In this essence, you need to create an e-commerce website that can grow as your business grows. It should handle fluctuations in traffic. Most of the platforms crush due to more business work. However, with Shopify plus, your website will handle even a large amount of work due to the scalability feature.


Shopify plus is an e-commerce platform with reliable customer support. You can reach them through a live chat, free phone call, or a text and get positive feedbacks.

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