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 5 Essential Features to Consider Before Choosing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise

Having an enterprise e-commerce platform with advanced features is crucial as you can run your business successfully. A company without more customers or one that does not offer better customer services can cause losses and diminish of the business. Shopify plus and Magento enterprise can help you create a site with features that can help you reach a massive number of potential buyers, offer services that can enhance customers’ experience and manage your business easily. However, not all will offer you the best user experience. Here are 5 features that you need to consider:

Promotions and discounts

Promotion and discounts can lead to higher traffic and increase in sales. Every customer loves to shop from a store that provides promotion and discounts. As you know, everyone loves to save money. In this essence, if you provide these offers in your store, you will enhance customers’ experience and can purchase more of your products. Hence, this feature is crucial in Shopify plus and Magento enterprise. You need to select one that will allow you to set promotions on your site.

Inventory and order management

Managing your inventory and orders is crucial. Also, delivering the right items to customers at the right time is a vital way to enhance customers’ experience. With a platform that will automatically manage your orders and inventory is essential as you will never miss a sale. You will know the products that are out-of-stock and purchase more. With this, you will not delay the delivery time of the items to your customers.

Integrated payments

Having more and secure methods of payments will enable your customers to use their method of choice. Methods such as Amazon payment, PayPal, mobile wallet and cards are among the best and secure means for online shopping. With these integrated methods more customers will choose you over your competitors which will increase sales.

SEO feature

SEO is a great marketing tool that will allow customers to find you on search engines easily. It enhances ranking to enable your site to appear at the top of searches for customers to find you with ease.


Another great feature you need to consider when selecting Shopify plus and Magento enterprise is scalability. Large enterprises deal with the tremendous amount of work. Hence, having an enterprise e-commerce platform that can handle a growing amount of work is crucial. With this, you will prevent your site from crashing as it has the potential to enlarge and hold the growth.

Wrapping up

Choosing Shopify plus and Magento enterprise with these essential features will enhance the functionality of your business. You will efficiently manage your company, reach a massive number of customers, offer integrated payments, and avoid crashing of your website due to the scalability feature.

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